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våte drømmer hvordanxer man

Eventually, though, they must admit that there is a difference between the psychological function of man and the spiritual function of man. The body, being physical and material and tangible, is differentiated from the inner being of man, which is immaterial. Scripture is quite clear in the differentiating of these capacities of life-function. You are also free to transmit this article electronically provided that you do so in its entirety with proper citation of authorship included. That is why we continue to refer to these as three levels of capacity for life-function, rather than entities which comprise man. 2:7 at his creation. "I am the way, the truth and the life ( zoe Jesus said (John 14:6). God's intent, of course, was that His own invisible, all-glorious character might be expressed visibly in the behavior of man as man freely chose to bear His "image" and glorify God. The body of man was "formed of dust from the ground into which God breathed the breath (or spirit) of life, and man became a behaviorally functional soul ( nephesh ). våte drømmer hvordanxer man


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